Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Es Firo, 18 days to go

If you do not know what 'Es Firo' is and will be in Soller on the 13th May you must read my page on the right.

The towns biggest party and celebration starts on the 9th May with the main event being on the 13th. The Moors will attack Soller, firstly entering the port by boat then a whole day of battles will lead them to end up in the square.

There are hundreds of guns, thousands of fireworks and bangs, and thousands of people dressed up. They will be drinking and reenacting the battle and history of the day which took place on the 11th May 1561. They will also paint anything that moves with sticky black shoe type polish, including women and children. This starts at around 3.30pm in the port.

So, do not wear your good clothes and beware if you have young children as there is no escaping this festival. It's takes over the whole town and port.

Most hotels in the port will advise that their clients stay inside this day at least until the port is cleared, but don't get me wrong it is excellent fun and something that will never be seen anywhere else.

A full timetable of 'Es Firo' will be posted shortly.

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