Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Forest Fire in the North of Mallorca

Another forest fire in Mallorca began at around 10 pm last night in Cala Torta in Arta and with high winds has spread to Cala Mesquida in Capdepera.

The blaze was visible from Cuitadella in Menorca.

Emergency services are trying to get the fire under control with 11 airplanes, and two military helicopters, and more than 60 people working throughout the night.

The cause of the blaze is still unknown and up to 180 people have been evacuated.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nit de Foc festival on 25th August with Esclatabutzes Dimonis Sollerics

Nit de Foc or Noche de Fuego, the Fire festival will take place in the Square in Soller at 23.30 on the 25th August 2013.

The festival is hosted by The Esclatabutzes Dimonis Sollerics. Every year these demons will play music on drums and bongos, do a theatrical act and then attack the square with fireworks for the celebrations of St Bartomeu.

The festival is for over 18's due to the possibility of small burns and very smokey air.

Locals will be seen wetting their tops, hats and head scarfs in the local fountains so that they can dance with the devils under their fire with minimum burns.

The spectacular is nothing like you would see in England with heath and safety regulations but is not to be missed if you are in Soller.

Picture, photos and videos can be seen here on the Esclatabutzes Facebook Page

More information will be added here closer to the time.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Huge Forest Fire in Mallorca 2013

The massive forest fire in Mallorca that started 3 days ago in Andratx has now been reported to have burnt 1600 hectares of Andratx in the area of Sac Coma Calenta and moving towards Estellencs.

The fire was reportedly started by a accident by a 71 year old resident who is being questioned by the Guardia Civil.

On the first day of the fire 27 people had to be evacuated and a team of more than 300 emergency services have been tackling the blaze.

Residents were left without power.

Here is a video clip taken from the car of some English residents there:
Video Clip of Fire in Mallorca

Here from one of Mallorcas main newspapers you can see the devastation and spectacular photos of the blaze. Forest Fire in Andratx Mallorca Photos

Friday, 26 July 2013

Temperature in Soller, How hot is Mallorca today?

So, how hot is Mallorca today?

Thanks to a glop of African heat it was 45 degrees in the square in Soller midday.

Remember to keep in the shade and drink plenty of fluids. Be especially careful with children and the elderly as well.

The Pharmacy thermometer in square today

Thursday, 25 July 2013

€1,200 de Bote en 'El Bistro' en el Puerto, that's a big tip!

That's right folks, not really news but something I had to include. Last week in a restaurant in The Port of Soller 'El Bistro' a client left a 1,200 euro tip or 'propina to the locals'on their bill.

Now it's not really a restaurant for the rich, located on the Can Repic beach it is very reasonable for the everyday person, I've eaten there a few times, and I am far from rich.

So the news that someone had left such a huge tip stunned and delighted the locals, and the staff were over the moon.

I can only tell you that the tip givers were staying at the prestigious Jumeirah Hotel in Soller Jumeirah hotel webpage here. The total bill for their whole meal was €800 and they generously left a €1200 tip! this doesn't happen every day!

They must have been very happy, if you would like to know more about El Bistro in Soller or the Jumeirah Hotel feel free to mail me. A little is covered in the hotels page on this site about them.

Enjoy your meals out, and don't feel pressured into leaving that much ;) it really isn't normal..... maybe for some :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dirty Sea Water in The Port of Soller

Every summer the sea water in the Port get's a little dirtier.

It's a horseshoe bay and with so many boats coming in it is inevitable it get's a little dirty, until rough seas flush it out a little.

However I do think the boats could show a little more respect, do we really want to see water like this in our beautiful bay?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Annual festival of Sa Mostra, 24th to 27th July

The annual festival of Sa Mostra will start on the 24th of July this year at 21.30 in the square.

Up to 150 people will be taking part. If you have never seen Sa Mostra it is a nice and relaxed festival, celebrating music and dance from other countries.

The groups from each country normally parade in their groups through the square dressed in their traditional costumes and end up giving a performance, group by group on a stage.

There are of course other activities during these dates.

If you would like to see the Sa Mostra parade I would suggest getting to the square early to get yourself a nice table outside of one of the bars of cafes to enjoy it. It does get very busy with both locals and tourists.

I'll be updating you with more info and details when they become available.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Spanish Lottery Promotes Soller

La Once, one of Spains biggest lottery, associated with helping the blind have finished filming their new summer advert in the Port of Soller.

In the ad about looking for treasure, you can see some familiar spots and bars in the port.

The advert can be found here on their Facebook page:

                                                     La Once, Lottery in Soller advert

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

When do school summer holidays start in Majorca?

Well, it is certainly hot here on the island now and summer is definitely underway.

So, if you are wondering when schools in Mallorca break up for their summer holidays then it may be sooner than you image.

Schools in Mallorca have their last day this Friday, on June 21st and will not return until September. Yes, those lucky kids get nearly three months summer holiday.

So, If next week you notice more kids on the beach in Soller now you know why.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Festes and Firas in Deia are set to start on the 20th June

In honor of Sant Joan, the local fiestas of Deia will start on the 20th June going through to the 24th June.

A wide range of activities will take place in the village of Deia, near Soller. A full schedule will be posted soon.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Mallorca cutting down on cash in hand work in Sa Calobra

Two people have been arrested, one is a restaurant manager in Sa Calobra, for employing seven people to work cash in hand, without contracts, for up to 14 hours per day.

The seven employees are all from foreign nationalities. Does this mean they were being exploited?

Although illegal, many people work 'cash in hand' in Soller and the surrounding areas. Having lived there I know many.

Is it exploitation? or a means of surviving for the employees?

I will leave this open for debate, only saying when I received my first contract in Soller it took a whole weight of my mind.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lots of Jellyfish in the Port

My son went to go swimming yesterday and has warned that there were hundreds of Jellyfish of all different colours.

The stings are very painful so you be be cautious. The lifeguards have treatment for stings and keep an eye out to see if the Jellyfish flag is up, as they tend to come and go in swarms.

If you would rater be on the safe side in case your or your child does get stung here's an effective spray that you can take with you.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Lifeguards back on duty in Soller

As of Saturday three lifeguards will now be working on the beaches in Soller. The lifeguards are on standby from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) and will work until September.

As well as guarding the beaches, they also come in useful to provide anti jellyfish sting ointments and give general medical advise.

Their high chairs can be seen on the beaches and they wear the traditional red colours. In past years most also speak quite good English.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

New aerial footage of Soller

Some new aerial footage of Soller has been posted on Vimeo.

Scenes of Soller from a helicopter view can be enjoyed in this short video clip. It does give an  honest impression of what to expect when visiting the area.

See the full clip here

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Photos of Es Firo boats attacking the Port of Soller

Here are a couple of photos for you of the boats attacking the Port of Soller. These photos were taken by a young enthusiastic photographer that goes by the name of Paula. If you would like to know more about her work, just get in contact with me.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Watch Es Firo live

You can watch Es Firo live at 18.15 Spanish time on IB3, and the show will continue after the news at 20.30

Here is the link to IB3 player site which will have footage.

IB3 Player

Es Firo has arrived!

The big day of 'Es Firo' has finally arrived in Soller.

The main battles will commence in the port at around 4pm. This year rules and regulations are being tightened, with children not allowed to throw bangers and firecrackers and enforcing more penalties on the drunk and disorderly.

The festival can be seen live on Mallorcas TV channel IB3.

Full details and photos will follow after the celebrations.

A homeless man has died

The communities hearts go out to a homeless man who has died in Soller. He has been living in a tunnel near the Telefonica building for more than a year with his dog.

There were two homeless people in this area, often seen selling their paintings on the main road.

It is said the man had several infected bites from rats and was found dead in the small tunnel.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Cheaper Parking for residents but higher fines.

The price of hourly parking in Soller is being reduced for residents. One hour parking will now cost 55 cents to the residents of Soller and 90 cents for anybody else.

In return the parking fines are going up, from a minimum of 60 euros to a maximum of 300.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fira i Firo en Soller. Time to get your snails

With only 12 days to go until the main festival of the year in Soller, Es Firo, Fira i Firo, it is now time that you should have collected your snails.

The locals in Soller are opposite to snails. They do not come out in the rain. However, you may have noticed some walking around these days in the rain with buckets or of a night time with torches in certain Olivars and mountain areas.

In Es Fira i Firo it is traditional to eat snails. A lot of snails. Each family may collect between 5 and 10 kilos, fattening them up on bread and keeping them in cages in the lead up to Es Firo.

But how do you get them to stay in the bucket whilst collecting them? Here is one of my locals tips. Simply put some lemon and salt around the rim of the bucket. This deters them from escaping.

So, if you see snails as tapas in a bar, now is a great time to try them as they are not good to eat all year round, and only readily available now.

They are cooked in a stew with ham and potatoes, and served with 'Aioli', a strong garlic mayonnaise.

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Sun should return on Wednesday in The Valley of Oranges

After six days of rain and overcast, low heavy cloud clover, you will be pleased to here that the sun is due to return on Wednesday in The Valley of Oranges.

Due to it's micro climate, sometimes when the weather in Soller sets in the valley, it seems like the clouds are there for good.

Temperatures are due to rise mid week and the spring weather will return.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hotel Rocamar Still Standing

Well as first impressions go, Hotel Rocamar certainly sets very low standards for Soller. As you leave the main road to the Port and take the back way to 'Can Repic' beach the first thing you notice is this old derelict, graffitied eyesore. Abandoned, smashed windows and old fashioned.

A friend of mine died sleeping rough in this waste plot last year. Many will remember him.

So, it has been planned for some time that the eyesore will be demolished. But guess what? It doesn't seem to matter what the tourists impressions of the area are. Louis Rull├ín, the president of the hotels association has stated that it is delayed due to administration complications and not wanting to affect the tourist industry. Well done, I guess the whole of winter wasn't long enough to complete the work.

The Mayor of Soller, Charles Simarro, also agreed, so I guess the tourists and locals will be delighted to see this historical structure live on for another year or two.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Es Firo, 18 days to go

If you do not know what 'Es Firo' is and will be in Soller on the 13th May you must read my page on the right.

The towns biggest party and celebration starts on the 9th May with the main event being on the 13th. The Moors will attack Soller, firstly entering the port by boat then a whole day of battles will lead them to end up in the square.

There are hundreds of guns, thousands of fireworks and bangs, and thousands of people dressed up. They will be drinking and reenacting the battle and history of the day which took place on the 11th May 1561. They will also paint anything that moves with sticky black shoe type polish, including women and children. This starts at around 3.30pm in the port.

So, do not wear your good clothes and beware if you have young children as there is no escaping this festival. It's takes over the whole town and port.

Most hotels in the port will advise that their clients stay inside this day at least until the port is cleared, but don't get me wrong it is excellent fun and something that will never be seen anywhere else.

A full timetable of 'Es Firo' will be posted shortly.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The first forest fire of the year.

The first forest fire of the year has been controlled and extinguished by the Emergency Services, the Fire Brigade and the Civil Protection.

The fire took place in the finca 'Sa Casa Nova' which is just off 'Carretera de Deia', the main road leading from Soller to Deia.

Pine trees were burnt and conditions were made difficult to bring the blaze under control due to high winds and a difficult location. The fire burnt through the night and could still be seen smoldering in the morning. The Emergency services stayed on the scene to make sure that the fire would not be revived.

The Production company 'Palma Pictures' is filming in the Port

The Port of Soller is host to the production company 'Palma Pictures' for a few days, who are filming an advertisement for Coca-Cola.

A crew of one hundred staff and extras are working around the area of Hotel Marina. The advertisement will be broadcast over the internet in France.

The Port of Soller has been the setting for some big productions in the past. Last year filming took place for the blockbuster film 'Cloud Atlas' staring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

Image: Tom Hanks chair in the port by peterb6001

The nice weather has started but may only last until Friday.

These last few days have seen some lovely weather in Soller bringing sunbathers to the beaches of Can Repic in the Port and the first few brave people (mainly tourists) are trying the sea.

Temperatures have soared to 30 degrees in the middle of the day but may only last until Friday, when temperatures are predicted to drop, then with possible rain on Saturday.

So, if you are only there for a short time take advantage of the nice weather whilst you can.

Image: Child chancing the water by peterb6001