Thursday, 25 July 2013

€1,200 de Bote en 'El Bistro' en el Puerto, that's a big tip!

That's right folks, not really news but something I had to include. Last week in a restaurant in The Port of Soller 'El Bistro' a client left a 1,200 euro tip or 'propina to the locals'on their bill.

Now it's not really a restaurant for the rich, located on the Can Repic beach it is very reasonable for the everyday person, I've eaten there a few times, and I am far from rich.

So the news that someone had left such a huge tip stunned and delighted the locals, and the staff were over the moon.

I can only tell you that the tip givers were staying at the prestigious Jumeirah Hotel in Soller Jumeirah hotel webpage here. The total bill for their whole meal was €800 and they generously left a €1200 tip! this doesn't happen every day!

They must have been very happy, if you would like to know more about El Bistro in Soller or the Jumeirah Hotel feel free to mail me. A little is covered in the hotels page on this site about them.

Enjoy your meals out, and don't feel pressured into leaving that much ;) it really isn't normal..... maybe for some :)

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