Monday, 29 July 2013

Huge Forest Fire in Mallorca 2013

The massive forest fire in Mallorca that started 3 days ago in Andratx has now been reported to have burnt 1600 hectares of Andratx in the area of Sac Coma Calenta and moving towards Estellencs.

The fire was reportedly started by a accident by a 71 year old resident who is being questioned by the Guardia Civil.

On the first day of the fire 27 people had to be evacuated and a team of more than 300 emergency services have been tackling the blaze.

Residents were left without power.

Here is a video clip taken from the car of some English residents there:
Video Clip of Fire in Mallorca

Here from one of Mallorcas main newspapers you can see the devastation and spectacular photos of the blaze. Forest Fire in Andratx Mallorca Photos

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